Adian Wastewater Treatment Plant

sewer treatment

Key Statistics

  • Client: Adian Properties Ltd/Taggart Earthmoving Ltd
  • Consultant: Connell Wagner (Contact – Brent Toms, Ph (03) 366 0821)
  • Time Frame: 3 months
  • Size: Servicing of 37 Lots

This project was the design and construction of a package wastewater treatment plant for 37 homes in the Adian Subdivision in North Canterbury.

The on-site sewage treatment/disposal system for the 37 homes of the Adian Subdivision comprises:

  1. A sewage reticulation system conveying sewage to a central facility for treatment and subsurface discharge to land. 
  2. A sewage treatment facility providing aerobic treatment by an N-DN BiofilterTM design Recirculating Granular-media Biofilter treatment plant, with disinfection of the treated effluent by UV irradiation,
  3. Discharge of treated, disinfected effluent to land by dose-loading to sand-lined infiltration trenches.


Plant Type: Recirculating Granular-media Biofilter followed by UV Disinfection Treated Effluent Quality: F.coliforms 1000/100 ml Design Flows/loads: Design load: domestic sewage from 37 homes Sewage characteristics: BOD5 and Suspended Solids both 200 - 450 g/m3 Total Nitrogen less than 100 g N/m3 Design Flows: max. daily flow 37 m3/day avg daily flow 29.6 m3/day peak hourly flow 6.6 m3/hour Discharge System: Subsurface slow rate infiltration using dose-loaded, sand lined trenches. Trench loading rate 50 mm/day at maximum daily flow, 40 mm/day at average daily flow. The treatment plant is configured for staging of treatment capacity in recognition of the extended time-frame for building houses in the subdivision.