Faringdon Westwood

sewer treatment

Key Statistics

  • Client: Hughes Developments Ltd
  • Website: www.faringdon.co.nz
  • Consultant: Davie Lovell-Smith
  • Time Frame: 65 Weeks
  • Size: 481 Lots - 1.48 lots per day

A premier multi stage residential subdivision in Rolleston including 481 lots and a future commercial block, external roading upgrades and utilities link to existing off site services.

54 Hectares, including all tree removal, land remediation, waste removal and structure removal


The key achievements of this project are: Open trenching up to 5m deep for gravity sewer Currently delivering over a section per day. All Enable Fibre installed by BGCL Staff. 50% of all aggregates were crushed on site. All material was contained on site. Multiple stages progressing simultaneously

  • Earthworks: 217,822m3
  • Sanitary Sewer: 16.17km including laterals and pressure mains
  • Stormwater: 1903m pipe, 151 sumps, 57 soakpits
  • High Pressure Water: 12,917m
  • Pump Station: 1 X wet well pump station plus 3 x storage tanks with a volume of 500,000m3
  • Roading and Footpaths: 58,079m2 roading, 15,008m2 footpath, 16,157m of kerb
  • Services: 15,402m of trench, 12,957m of ENABLE installed
  • Landscaping: Multiple garden beds and hundreds of tree pits
  • Subcontractors: Fulton Hogan, Asphalt Contractors, Southern Screenworks, North Canterbury Rutbusters, Mainland Pipeline Inspections, Kennards Hire, Wilsons Traffic Management
  • Challenges: Dewatering for the first time in 11 years of constructing the Faringdon Development