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Key Statistics

  • Client: Hughes Developments Ltd
  • Website: www.faringdon.co.nz
  • Consultant: Davie Lovell Smith (Andy Hall)
  • Time Frame: 2-3 years
  • Size: 900+ lots

A premier multi stage residential subdivision in Rolleston including 900+ lots, external roading upgrades and utilities link to existing off site services.

The key achievements of this project are:

  • Currently delivering a section per day.
  • All Enable Fibre installed by BGCL Staff.
  • All aggregates were crushed on site.
  • All material was contained on site.
  • Multiple stages progressing simultaneously
  • Earthworks: 440,000 cubic meters
  • Stormwater: 24,600 meters
  • High Pressure Water: 22,500 meters
  • Roading and Footpaths: 141,000 square meters
  • Services: 24,500 meters