Hamilton Residence Darfield

Easy unloading All ready to unload The drip irrigation disposal field The drip irrigation disposal field The membrane cassette Lifting the tank into the hole with a 3T digger Lifting the tank into the hole with a 3T digger One News were on site filming the installation The tank in place backfilling The control box The membrane chamber A membrane sheet pulled out for service
sewer treatment

Key Statistics

  • Client: Mr and Mrs Hamilton
  • Consultant: Water Gurus (Contact - Nick Meeton)
  • Time Frame: 1/2 Day
  • Size: 1 house

This was the very first installation of a Novaclear sewer treatment system in New Zealand. This is a small single house sized unit that weighs only 350kg for easy installation.  The unit replaces the old failing septic tank and was up and running in only 1/2 a day. Once running the unit treats the household sewage and discharges the clean water to a dripper line set up in the paddock. Unlike other systems the dripper line does not need to be buried and could run through a garden to water it potentially. 

Environment Canterbury is closely monitoring this system and with some future testing it is hoped that discharge water can be used as non potable water in the outside taps for sprinklers and irrigation and also plumbed back into the house for flushing the toilet.