Highland Glen Wastewater Treatment Plant

sewer treatment

Key Statistics

  • Client: G.A & G.A Hide
  • Consultant: Connell Wagner (Contact – Gavin Court, Ph (03) 313 8776)
  • Time Frame: 2 months
  • Size: Servicing of 18 Lots

This project was the design and construction of a package wastewater treatment plant for 18 homes in the Highland Glen Subdivision in North Canterbury.

The community on-site sewage treatment/disposal system for the 18 homes of the Highland Glen subdivision comprises:

  1. Pre-treatment by individual household septic tanks equipped with outlet filters to retain gross solids,
  2. Reticulation of septic tank to a community facility for aerobic treatment by an N-DN BiofilterTM design Recirculating Sand Filter treatment plant, with disinfection of the treated effluent by UV irradiation,
  3. Discharge of treated, disinfected effluent to land by subsurface irrigation using pumped, low pressure dosing to shallow-buried Raam dripper-line.


Plant load and flow handling capabilities The treatment plant is designed, in terms of treatment capacity, to treat the septic tank effluent from 18 family homes. In terms of flow handling capability, the plant can sustainably handle up to 18 m3/day maximum daily flow. The receiving pumpwell of the treatment plant provides flow equalisation into the plant for a normal diurnal pattern of community domestic sewage.