Northwood Residential Subdivision


Key Statistics

  • Client: R.D. Hughes Developments
  • Website:
  • Consultant: Davis Ogilvie & Partners (Contact - Roy Hamilton, Ph (03) 366 1653)
  • Time Frame: 5 Years
  • Size: 685 Lots

Northwood is one of our milestone projects that was under construction for a total of 5 years. It has been recognized as the creation of a new suburb in Christchurch.

Northwood Residential Subdivision Construction of a 685 lot residential subdivision in Christchurch carried out in 5 stages. Stage 1 included the installation of a large amount of infrastructure required for the future stages. This included the construction of a sewer pumping station along with 300mm diameter water, 300mm diameter sewer and 600mm diameter stormwater reticulation.


This subdivision was the largest development to be carried out in Christchurch in the past 20 years. It required a high degree of site management and a number of subcontractors were required in order to complete the project within the nominated timeframe. Flexibility was very important as the plans were continually being changed as the work progressed. The end result is a very impressive development which we believe the client is very pleased with.