Terrace Downs Golf Resort - Sewer Treatment Plant

sewer treatment

Key Statistics

  • Client: Terrace Downs Resort
  • Website: www.terracedowns.co.nz
  • Consultant: Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd (Contact – Warren Haynes, Ph (03) 379 4014)
  • Time Frame: 2 months per stage
  • Size: 130 Lots

This project was the design and construction of a package wastewater treatment plant in two stages to serve the exclusive Terrace Downs golf resort subdivision comprising 130 lots to date along with the Golf Clubhouse.

The design and construction of a recirculating sand filter on-site sewage treatment plant to serve 130 homes along with the Terrace Downs Golf Clubhouse. This was carried out in 2 stages and there are a further 2 to 3 stages still to be constructed.


B-G Contracting saw a demand in the local market for the construction of this type of sewer treatment plant. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money to get the concept off the ground and this now puts us in a position to offer the developer a complete package for the construction of their rural-residential subdivision, including all services installation, roading construction and finally the design and construction of the package sewer treatment plant.