When it comes to road construction there are several factors that come in to play. Firstly is the appearance of the carriageway, the smoothness to drive along and finally longevity so minimum repairs have to be undertaken. 

In residential developments especially the carriageway is the first thing that is evident when entering the project. Because of this many of our clients place great importance on the finish of the road seal, kerb and channel and footpaths. At B-G Contracting we have an excellent reputation for a high standard of finished work and this is continually reinforced from client and public feedback.


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The smoothness of a road is something that everyone driving along a road would notice. We have been able to eliminate any blemishes in our roads by using good quality materials, having experienced skilled operators and by using the most advanced GPS and optical surveying equipment available.

Finally the quality of a road can be measured by the longevity and the maintenance required to keep it up to standard. The proof of this can be seen in all of the work that B-G Contracting has been a part of since 1982 still standing to the test of time. Be it a repair of a drainage trench or the construction of an entirely new street, our construction has proved reliable and to the highest possible standard.


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G627 PTR Roller prepping roads Jun 2023