The original business of BGCL Ltd in 1982 was mainly drainage work and a reputation quickly developed in this field.

Expansion has not let our quality and performance alter and since this time we have become a key player in our local area of Canterbury as well as being held in high regard further a field where we continue to complete projects.



SW Meadowlands Mar22

Neil Deep Drainage


We have achieved a key working relationship many local authorities and consultancies in our area. Often we are consulted at a design stage to provide an opinion and offer alternatives that help in cost, design and ease of construction.

BGCL has an extensive list of successfully completed drainage work for both local authorities and private developers. These projects range from small sewer reticulations for land developments up to large diameter sewer or stormwater main replacements. We have become leaders in groundwater management using specialist equipment and an array of methods that are optimised for the required job.

 Watermain at Meadowlands May24

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Core Drill